Cash Flow Solutions For Lawyers

Proven solutions for
lawyers wanting to:
✓ Improve cash flow
✓ Reduce slow payers
✓ Increase financial leverage
✓ Decrease time chasing old invoices
✓ Get more cash into their business
Solutions to help your business get paid... faster!
Get Paid Now: Fee Funding

Get paid now with our flexible and easy to use fee funding service. We offer monthly payment options for your clients who'd prefer to fund their professional fees.

Managed Ledger Services

The fastest and best way to improve your professional service firms cash flow. Enjoy more cash, fewer slow payers and no hassles!

Eliminate Slow Payers

Teach one of your existing office team all the tricks and tips of how to get all your customers (even slow payers) to pay on time.

Expert Advice

Meet one of our experts to get advice on improving cash flow in your business. Deal of the week, the first hour is FREE.

Fast Online Payments

Make sure you are using all the latest technology to get paid. Learn how to get paid faster with smartAR's online payment solutions.

Automated Reminders

Use emails to chase your clients with reminders. Sure, a lot customers will ignore these, but hey, they are almost free and sometimes work.

DOWNLOAD - 7 Steps for lawyers to improve cash flow and eliminate slow payers


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