Learn how to eliminate slow payers

A learning workshop will enable you to put in place effective cash flow management strategies to ensure enforced credit policies while maintaining good client relationships. 


Learn how to chase slow payers

Delivered in group or one on one sessions these workshops are designed specifically for your business. Imagine, just for a moment, what your business would be like with:

  • Most customers paying on time
  • No slow payers over 30 days
  • Better still - no overdraft.

Rest assured, this learning session is definitely not a consultants “talkfest”. You are guaranteed to benefit from a practical “hands on” workshop that focuses entirely on a key factor in your business — getting paid!!

Three key things your business will take away are:

  • Understanding the debtor (customer) relationship
  • Learning what other businesses are doing to maximize cash flow
  • Free stuff to help you get paid faster
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