history Debtor Workshop

We have developed a “debtor workshop” designed specifically for professional service firms. Imagine, just for a moment, what your firm would be like with:

  • No debtors over 30 days;
  • Better still - no overdraft.

Rest assured, this learning session is definitely not a consultants “talkfest”. You are guaranteed to benefit from a practical “hands on” workshop that focuses entirely on a key factor in your business — getting paid!! Three key things your firm will take away are:

  • Understanding the debtor relationship:
  • Learn what the best firms are doing:
  • Tools, Tools, Tools

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history 90 Day Debtor Challenge

Debtor cash flow is traditionally challenging for many businesses. In tough economic times, no business is immune to slow payers and it is important we must all up our game. This guide will make the reduction of debtors more interesting, fun and successful. We know that chasing debtors is a tough game – so make sure you celebrate any successes along the way.

That will keep interest up and ensure you get some impressive results from your team. Remember also, if you can’t get the results that you want or need with your existing team or resources, that’s fine, just get in touch and maybe we can help. Click on the button below to take the challenge and see great results.

history  Discount on a Credit Course (NZ only)

Download this voucher to receive $100 off the retail cost of NZQA Level 3 or Level 4 qualifications in Credit Administration or Credit Management.

The course is provided by Rapid Results, NZ leaders in credit administration training. Click Here for more information on the courses.

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