Monthly Archives: October 2015

Shrinking Debtors Over Christmas

The squeaky wheel gets the oil!  Give them a bell – Where most go wrong is looking at it as a “Collection call”, this is account management! Take the opportunity to wish them a Merry Christmas and see how they are. There is a delicate balance when it comes to making these calls, you need…
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Smart Innovation: How Technology, Design, and Art Can Inspire Leadership

Combining the concepts of form and function, Maeda breaks his talk into four areas: technology, design, art, and leadership. Examining each individually, Maeda further analyses them in combination with one another. Each has its merits on its own, but when united, amazing things can happen in the world of business and innovation. Watch Maeda’s valuable…
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Smart Thinking: the Key to Winning is a Great Defence

The Japanese rugby team had not won a World Cup match for 24 years. Facing South Africa in the first round, it looked like Japan would have to wait a bit longer for a win as they had a 349 - 1 betting chance in upsetting South Africa. Yet, somehow, Japan ended their winless streak…
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