Are your client events Memorable or Mundane?

Sadly most customer experience events fall short of customer expectations. They follow the same pattern and deliver the same thing with clients feeling obliged instead of filled with anticipation at the idea of attending.

You invest the money and time but the end result is lacking somehow. Does it truly achieve the deeper relationship you are looking for?

So what has to be there for an event to deliver real value and be appreciated by customers and so in turn add depth and loyalty to your relationship?

According to numerous surveys these are five things to look for when choosing an event 5 top things to aim for are;

  • Be different – in a world of ‘sameness’ what can you provide that stands out?
  • Relevance – Does it resonate with me ideally at a business and personal level? Does it support something I feel strongly about?
  • Engagement – Will it capture my imagination and interest without taking me too far from my comfort zone? Some new technology or gadget? A great special guest or series of presenters? For an example look at or this video
  • Worthy – Will it be worth giving up my time for and provide me value? A good time is fine but I also like to learn valuable things I can take back and use in my business.
  • Will it make me smile – or be a snore fest! Will I be treated like a VIP?

Do your corporate events hit those points?

From your point of view you might well be looking for an event that:

  • Aligns with your business values and messaging – smart business improvement.
  • It should be easy to be part of but take little organisation.
  • It should provide all that your clients are looking for so they remember it and you for years and all without a crazy price tag.

The Global Speakers Summit ticks all the right boxes. Look for a snapshot of this event in this newsletter or watch to find out more.

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