Cold showers and growth?

I’ve been hearing the “G” word tossed around a lot recently.

G for Growth: Personal growth and business growth both get a lot of “lip time”.

But here is the thing.  Words are nothing!  Actions are everything.

Late last year I decided to start taking a cold shower in the morning.

Easy to say – hard to do.  (Try it).

I’d have a conversation with myself outside the shower door each morning.

I’m smart enough to know cold water can’t hurt me (in Dec).

So why then is it so bloody hard to have a cold shower every day?

Talking about taking a cold shower is nothing.

Taking Action is everything.

Personal growth and business growth have this in common.

Budgets are nothing. Goals are nothing.  Marketing plans are nothing.  Team meetings are nothing.

Action is  Everything.

More firms are starting to take action offering fee funding to slow payers.  Why?

Economics: Clients are asking more. Why? Because it’s an easy & fast access to credit when other general lines credit are beginning to tighten up.

Large Firms: The biggest professional service firms have been slow to offer fee funding.  10 years on, they are joining the party.  An AU/NZ option like feeLink/feeSmart makes life very easy.

Margins & Markets: Cloud services are seeing compliance margins erode with downward pricing pressure.  Bespoke and project work is more profitable, but clients already trained to pay monthly for compliance like the option to spread those fees too.  

If you are experiencing growth this year, it will be because you have taken some action.

If not – try starting with a cold shower.   Conquer cold water and then check in with us about conquering slow payers.  You’ll probably find the slow payers much easier to master.

This article was written by Dave Birch.

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