Credit Test

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Do you conduct credit checks on new clients?


Do you conduct business reference checks with new clients?


Do you Google or “check out” your customers before giving credit?


Do you monitor the ongoing credit profile of your clients?


Do you invoice the day the product is supplied or job is done?


Do you offer clients multiple (more than three) payment methods (e.g. cheque, credit card, etc)?


Do you send payment  “reminders” prior to due date?


Do you telephone debtors within 2 days of late payment?


Do you have telephone scripts following broken ‘promises to pay’?


Do you have a written escalation process?


Is the accounts receivable position a specialist role? (i.e. Not being ‘squeezed in’ amongst other roles)


Do you have signed terms of trade with your clients?


Do you collect Name & DOB, or Company Number of all your clients?


Are records kept of all slow payer communications?


Do your terms of trade allow for collection costs to be added to the debt owed?


Would you like to know more about reducing the slow payers in your business?


If yes, please provide your name and telephone number?
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