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Online Payment Pages



  • Are you offering flexible payment options to your clients?
  • Are these payment options in one easy to find location?


Recent research suggests that firms who offer flexible and easy to find payment options get paid significantly faster than firms who offer fewer payment options.

The reason?

A client who was once a fast payer may have had a change in their circumstances, such as a large expense, project, unexpected business issue, etc. Additional working capital may be required to fund a larger than normal expense. These burdens require some flexibility in order for you to get paid on time.

Offering lump sum and monthly payment options offers your clients the best chance to select an option which suits their immediate requirements. Our monthly payment (fee funding) options provide 3, 6, 9 and 12-month payment options with an online acceptance option.

What are the benefits of hosting a smartAR Online Payment Page?
  • We provide your clients with a number of popular payment methods;
  • We offer your clients flexible payment terms – lump sum or monthly;
  • We deliver a seamless online experience;
  • We ask for essential information only;
  • We provide reassurances on security and privacy.
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