NPH New Zealand

The Get Smart Group of businesses genuinely wants to make a difference, not only to our own lives, our clients and stakeholders but also to the global community. We believe that corporate social responsibility is important, and as such, we are proud to support a number of charities including NPH New Zealand.

Since 1954 NPH has transformed the lives of over 20,000 abandoned, abused and orphaned children across Latin America.

By supporting NPH New Zealand we are helping change the lives of vulnerable, at-risk children, one child at a time. Below you will see a video of Alber, a child at the NPH home in Honduras.

Alber came to an NPH home, along with 5 other siblings, after their mother abandoned them. Living in extreme poverty, Alber and his siblings were struggling to survive. They had no access to clean water, electricity, adequate food, education or medical care. They were living in a very unsafe environment - a place no one would want to see their own children.

Now Alber will be able to reach his full potential in life. NPH supports the children right through to the workforce (helping with training and even University education). Get Smart Group are proud to support NPH knowing we are making a difference for children like Alber.

You can make a difference too! To sponsor a child like Alber go to