Helping your business get paid... faster!

- Do you ever worry about cash flow?
- Are slow payers giving you the runaround?
- Is chasing last month’s slow payers distracting from this month’s growth?

Surely, you didn’t go into business to chase slow payers?


Getting payments from slow payers can be incredibly time-consuming.
When you add up the hours you spend calling, emailing, posting statements, leaving messages,
sending copies of invoices – all this takes time. Your time! And time is money.

Imagine your business having:

- A dedicated person to chase slow payers

- More time for other priorities more money in the bank

Every month we prompt faster payment of millions of dollars of invoices on behalf of our clients. Our formula works. In fact, we guarantee to improve your cash flow
within 90 days.
smartAR - will help your business get paid... faster!


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Our Five Guarantees

We guarantee you remain in absolute control of your debtor processes

We guarantee you an absolutely efficient, dedicated, local (Australasian) Account Manager

We guarantee that your accounts receivable role will be completed for an absolutely certain fixed weekly fee

We guarantee absolute security as all payments are made direct to your bank account

We guarantee you our absolute commitment that your average debtor days will decrease and cash flow increase


Our clients include professional service businesses (accountants, lawyers, engineers, architects, IT), creative industries (website design, advertising), trades (plumbers, electricians), distribution or manufacturing firms.

A dedicated accounts person based in NZ or Australia will come to know your business and be your Accounts Receivable person

smartAR has a proprietary software system that seamlessly extracts data from your accounting system and also allows you to view a dashboard summarising debtor contacts, queries and actions.

Since our clients vary widely we produce a no obligation proposal based upon your specific needs. Invariably your investment in smartAR will be small compared to the increased cash flow benefits.


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